Lighthouse made of clay pots

Material required:

  • Clay pots in 3 sizes (Ø 17 cm, Ø 13 cm & Ø 9 cm)
  • clay coaster (Ø 28 cm & Ø 9 cm)
  • Candle
  • Acrylic colour of your choice
  • brush
  • painting band
  • cord
  • BLANCOL Universal Adhesive

1. First paint the clay pots and coasters with the colour of your choice. Tip: Paint the pots white first so that the other colours look stronger afterwards. As a help for the stripes, you can glue a paint tape around the edge.

2. Once everything is dry, doors and windows can be painted on it. The best way to illustrate this is to stack the pots on top of each other.

3. If everything has dried, you can attach the cords to the clay pots with BLANCOL Universal adhesive and stick on other decorative elements of your choice (such as shells).

4. The individual clay pots can now be stacked on top of each other. To prevent the pots from tipping over, use the BLANCOL Universal adhesive to draw an edge around the individual pots and allow to dry.

5. Now glue the small coaster onto the top pot – you can place a candle on top of it. Then put the stacked pots into the big coaster and fill it with sand and your lighthouse is ready.

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