Colys story

Coly once lived in the depths of a Swiss lake. But he was not happy there, because he is a passionate hobbyist and as we all know, it is hard to do handicrafts under water.

He has long tried to find a suitable solution so that he can continue to pursue his passion. He created new adhesives and tried different materials, but nothing worked out the way he wanted it to.

After long pondering and many experiments what he could do about it, he decided one day to leave the deep lake and to live among the people ashore from then on. At first still quite nervous, because he goes on such a big journey alone to a new world, he soon realized that his nervousness was totally unfounded. Within a very short time he found many new friends who like to do handicrafts as much as he does and love to create and share new handicraft ideas. With them he can finally live his big dream of a creative hobbyist.