Photo album from ice cream sticks

Material required:


1. First place so many ice cream sticks side by side that they are almost as wide as one single stick. Now carefully use the BLANCOL special adhesive NATMAT to draw a line where you would like to place the other two ice cream sticks and place them on top. Repeat this whole process so that you have a front and back for your photo album. You can now decorate both sides with BLANCOL Glitter Glue or coloured pencils as you like.

2. Now cut out approx. 20 sheets measuring 10 x 21 cm. Fold them together lengthwise and lay the folded edges on top of each other. With the BLANCOL all purpose adhesive you can now draw a layer of glue towards the edge so that they stick together and can be unfolded. Alternatively you can sew the single leaves together with a needle and a thread.

3. Now glue another piece of coloured paper onto the two outer sheets – again measuring 10 x 21 cm. As soon as they are well dried, you can glue the coloured leaves on one side each of the two ice cream stick lids.

4. Let everything dry well and your photo album made of ice cream sticks is ready.

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