BLANCOL - If it has to stick

The historic starch paste and the BLANCOL brand were invented in 1908 in Wädenswil near the Lake of Zurich. The name “Fisch-Kleister” (translated in English as “fish-paste”) derives from the location of the factory, which is located directly next to Lake Zurich and was manufactured then and still is today from dried wheat starch. Originally conceived as a brand for painters and upholsterers, BLANCOL has developed into one of the best-known and most popular Swiss adhesive brands for young and old over the decades.

BLANCOL’s market presence was modernised in 2018 and the range was expanded by 18 new products in the field of glueing. Suitably to the new design, COLY, the likeable craft fish, was created. With the COLY CREATIVE CLUB, COLY runs his own blog on this website, where craft enthusiasts are inspired by their passion with craft ideas, pictures and templates. The COLY CREATIVE CLUB regularly offers new and exciting ideas – it’s worth stopping by!


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