Material required:


1. First prepare BLANCOL starch paste and then dip the threads into it. Afterwards inflate the balloons in the desired size. Button up the balloon and off you go!

2. Cut coloured threads from the wool and dip them into the paste. Let it drip out briefly and then put it around the balloon. Do it with different colours. Of course you can also make your ball unicoloured. Wrap so many threads around the balloon that you can barely see the balloon. Make sure that the wool absorbs the starch paste properly, otherwise the thread may not stick well to the balloon. Let everything dry until the threads have hardened.

3. At the end you have to burst your balloon – best with a pin or scissors. Now remove the remaining balloon from the wool. If you like, you can decorate your finished ball with glittering stones, decorative flowers, etc. The best way to do this is to use BLANCOL All Purpose Adhesive or BLANCOL Hot Glue.

4. Now you are finished with your paste deco-ball! 🙂 I have attached the balls I made to nylon threads so that I can hang them up.

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