Paper fir trees

Material required:


1. Fold your sheet of paper so that it gives a square and then cut the remaining strip off.

2. Now draw stripes of approx. 1 cm in width. The stripes should point to the folded middle and as a guide, stop approx. 1 cm before the fold. Then score along the lines.

3. Now stick the tips of the individual stripes into the opposite corner. Finally, you can fold up the “tip” and glue it on.

4. Using brown paper, you can now also design a pot for your fir tree. To do so, cut out a cylinder shape whose upper half is as wide as the lower part of your fir tree and becomes slightly narrower towards the bottom. Tip: extend the wider part of your pot by approx. 1 cm so that you can fix it more easily around your fir tree.

5. Now decorate it with BLANCOL Glitter Glue or BLANCOL Puffy Paint and your fir trees are finished. J

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