BLANCOL Hot-melt glue sticks

Hot-melt sticks can join all materials such as softwood, hardwood, stone, concrete, steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, textiles, cardboard and various plastics together and with each other. For a fast and universal hot glueing of many materials. Suitable for the BLANCOL hot-melt glue gun.

Optimum adhesion requires fast work. Adhesive joints must be dry, dust- and grease-free. Materials that cool down quickly (e.g. stone, metal, etc.) should be preheated. Roughening smooth surfaces increase the strength of the adhesive bond. Adhesive joints are solid and resilient after approx. 2 minutes.

The adhesive can become very hot when liquid. Do not touch it as there is a danger of burns. Avoid working above your head. Not suitable for soft PVC, Styropor and polyethylene.

Ethylene vinyl acetate and hydrocarbon resins

12 x 20 cm
26 x 20 cm
52 x 20 cm

Article no.: 32407 (12 pcs)
Article no.: 32408 (26 pcs)
Article no.: 32409 (52 pcs)