Halloween mask

Material required:


1. Cut the newspaper into small pieces and inflate the balloon. The balloon should be so large that it covers the entire head and is not tight. Now mix the BLANCOL Starch paste with water and off you go!

2. Dip the newspaper snippets bit by bit into the paste mixture and lay them smooth over the balloon. Repeat this until the balloon is completely covered with paste and a stable layer is formed.

3. Once the layer of paste has dried, the ears can be cut from cardboard and stuck on with masking tape. The same applies to the nose – ideally with an empty toilet roll. A toilet roll is ideal for this purpose. It would have to be shortened however of the length – we recommend to use 1/3 of the total length. Attach the nose to the paste head using masking tape and again paste over the ears and nose so that they are held securely.  As soon as the paste head is well dried, the balloon can be released and the edges cut.

4. Finally, the head is painted with acrylic paints. We decided on a mean bear and therefore put a nasty laugh on the bear and decorated it with BLANCOL Glitter Glue to make the blood a little more dramatic. Here, of course, you are free to let your creativity flow! Tip: To mark the eyes, simply put on the mask and “touch” the eyes with your fingers.

course you can also use your masks for the carnival or theme parties! And now we wish you a creepy HALLOWEEN!

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