BLANCOL Wallpaper Primer

For improving substrates, BLANCOL Wallpaper Primer prevents crumbling and unintended wallpaper peeling. For highly, weakly or irregularly absorbent substrates such as white or smooth finish plaster, plasterboard, concrete or gypsum board walls etc.


  • For highly absorbent, sandy substrates: dilute 50 %. To strengthen the adhesive power, a second coat of Wallpaper Primer diluted 40 % is recommended. For average substrates: dilute 20 – 40 %. The Wallpaper Primer can be applied with a brush or roller or even sprayed on. Suitable for all water-based wallpaper adhesives.
  • Drying time: Very short if undiluted – around 60 minutes depending on room temperature. Up to 12 hours when diluted with water.
  • Dilution: may be diluted with water, which however will delay drying time up to 12 hours.

Application rate:
Approximately 10 litres per 100 m² or 1 dl per m².

Cleaning tools/clothes:
Wash with water after use or when dirty.

10 litre canister

Article no.: 31356