BLANCOL Starch Paste

Glues wallpaper, paper and cardboard stain-free, without discoloration. For mounting paper and woodchip wallpaper. Also suitable for glass fibre wallpapers.

1 part by weight starch paste is sprinkled into 9 parts by weight of cold water under constant stirring. The paste can be thickened or diluted at any time. Only use clean, rustproof containers! 450 g are sufficient for approx. 20-25 m².

The substrates must be dry, cleanly sanded and dust-free. Fill in cracks and holes. Remove old wallpaper with a reliever. First pre-treat strong, weakly absorbent and irregularly absorbent substrates with BLANCOL Wallpaper Primer.

For wallpapering with paper/wood-chip wallpaper: 450 g will cover approx. 20-25 m²
For wallpapering with paper/wood-chip wallpaper: 8 kg will cover approx. 360 m²
For wallpapering with paper/wood-chip wallpaper: 20 kg will cover approx. 900 m²

With water

Dried natural wheat starch

Package of 450 g
Package of 8 kg
Bag of 20 kg

Article no.: 31338 (450 g)
Article no.: 31335 (8 kg)
Article no.: 31336 (20 kg)

Pharmacode: 1195626 (450 g)
Pharmacode: 2051496 (8 kg)